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The Marloth Park Honorary Rangers are a group of volunteer property owners who offer their time, expertise and resources while working to a code of conduct for the benefit of conservation and the environment in Marloth Park and Lionspruit. 


Forthcoming Activities 

Talks, walks and other events planned by HR and other MP organisations

Bird walks will start at 7.00 am on the first saturday of the month. The next Bird walk is on Saturday 4th April at 07:00 at the corner of Volstruis and Crocodile

H R General meeting for March is on 26th, 8.00am at Henk van Rooyen.

H R General meeting for April is on 23rd, 8.00am at Henk van Rooyen.

MPPOA Voting for the new Committee is on April 4th. See MPPOA website

Marlothii Conservancy Geology talk at Jabula Lodge, Kurper Street, Marloth Park, Tuesday 24March 2015 at 09H00 Price R80.00 per person for non Marlothii Conservancy members, R60.00 per person for Marlothii Conservancy members see Conservancy website



General Meetings - open to all - are held at 08:00 on the last Thursday of each month in the Boardroom at Henk van Rooyen Park.

 All meetings and Minutes  Open Meetings
 Closed Meetings  Committee meetings
Chief H. Ranger's report for 2014  


waterconservationmission200wConservation in Marloth Park: Our Primary Concern

Our primary concern as Honorary Rangers is the well-being and long-term survival of Marloth Park as a viable nature Conservancy.

To achieve this, we must    •  Manage the veldt    and    •  Manage the Widlife

All property Owners bear a responsibility to care for their own properties and ensure that everyting we do encourages the well-being of the veldt and therefore the animals.

On this website there are articles describing how we can best ensure that we keep the veldt natural and the animals wild.

 Hon Rangers Monthly Advice to Property Owners Wildlife Generally About Alien plants
 Look after your own property Feeding during drought Veldt and Game Management
Marloth Park itself

Honorary Rangers together with the property Ownders Association and the Marlothii Conservancy have formed a FORUM in order to present a unified approach to the management of the Veldt and the animals.

Read about the Forum and the MPPOA 5-Point Plan


Animal Management and the 2014 Game Count

The 2014 ground Game Count figures for Marloth Park are available  here


Marloth Park Animal Mortalities June - September 2014

June   Mortalities:6 impala, 2 duiker,  1 lion, 1 baboon: total 10. (7 snares, 1 animal with snare), No road deaths 

July     Mortalities: 3 impala, 2 duiker, 3 bushbuck, 1 warthog, 1 wildebeest: total 10.  Road Kills: Impala 2, bushbuck 1, genet 1: total 4 (2 snares)      

Aug     Mortalities: 1 duiker, 2 bushbuck, 2 warthog, 1 kudu, 1 wildebeest, 1 zebra: total 8. Road kills: Impala 1.

Sept:  Mortalities: 1 bushbuck, 1 warthog, 1 wildebeest: total 3. Road Kills: Warthog 1, Mongoose 1: total 2. 1 snare, 1 animal with snare around its neck.

Our lions

 lionessOur Lions: click here for the latest news 





Bird walks

birdingBird walks hosted by Honorary Rangers are held at 06h00 on the first Saturday of the month in varying locations. 
Bird/nature walks hosted by the Marlothii Conservancy take place on the third Saturday of every month at Henk van Rooyen Park at 06h00 until 31st March 2015 thereafter 08h00 for the winter months. 

Bush walks

bushwalksmallBush Walks and Talks take place on a monthly basis usually starting at 08:00 and lasting about 2 hours. 

Read about recent walks and talks

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Our vision

hrOur vision is to support and assist the Nkomazi Municipality Conservation Department within Marloth Park with their management strategies and objectives while being an effective volunteer group. 
Read our complete Vision Statement here and a brief history of Honorary Rangers here